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Backache - sacroilitis

Q: I am suffering from back pain (sacroilitis) for the last 8 years. Previously the problem was not frequent (say once or twice a year) but now it is 4-5 times a year. There is heaviness feeling in the back. A physiotherapist is presently giving me a treatment of ultrasonic and IFT. There is relief but heaviness still persists. I have been recommended certain exercises which I am doing. Please suggest what should I do to get rid of this problem.

A:Sacroilitis can be from various causes. It can be degenerative, inflammatory, rheumatoid, septic etc. Exercises are helpful, especially rotatory exercises to stabilize lattisimus dorsi on the opposite side and leg presses to strengthen glutei on the same side.

If pain still persists, sacroiliac fusion can be a worthwhile operation. Before an operative procedure is done, it is necessary to be sure of the cause of the pain. Since many structures close to the SI joint, can give rise to pain (like facet joints, degenerative spine etc) it is recommended that an injection of local anesthesia be injected into the affected SI joint, possibly under image control. If SI joint indeed is a problem, fusion can be done as a final operative procedure after the injection results.


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