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Are white secretions from the penis normal?

Q: For the last six years, white secretion is coming from my penis when I am in the loo. The amount of secretion is higher if I don't masturbate. I consulted a doctor and he said that it is secretion from the urethral glands; is there anything to worry about? He advised some tablets but they do not stop the secretion. Now I feel tired. I cannot run even 2 km continuously. Is this tiredness related with the secretions? Will it affect my sexual life?

A:It is right that these are urethral secretions and not semen. Every boy and man has erections 3-4 times at night, during which urethral glands produce this. If it is more, it comes out of urethra, otherwise it gets dried up in it which passes when you pass the first urine or sit for stools in the morning. It also comes out when you think or fantasize about sex. This is absolutely normal. Stop any medicine to cure this as this is not a disease - in fact it should come - that is the proof of your normalcy.


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