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Are there any pre-requisites for a penile Doppler test?

Q: My doctor has advised me to for a penile Doppler test. I am suffering from OCD and bipolar disorders, and taking Fluoxetine 60 mg; Fluvoxamine 100 mg; Lithium 1200 mg; Divalproex sodium 750 mg and Quitipin 50 mg. I went to a reputed hospital in Mumbai for a penile Doppler test, but the doctor refused to conduct the test saying that since I am not having sexual thoughts, the injection given for penile Doppler test will not cause erection, and so the test cannot be sucessfully conducted. One of my relatives, who is a radiologist, says that the injection given will cause erection irrespective of my mental state. Please guide me in this matter.

A:Penile Doppler is done to exclude or confirm a non-psychological cause of erectile dysfunction. It does not require sexual thoughts for its successful performance. There must have been a communication gap between the radiologist and the patient. In fact, it can be attempted without an injection as well.


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