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Are the swellings on my body due to neurofibromatosis?

Q: I am going through a terrible problem. There are certain nodes/lymph glands on my body (inside the skin; visible and small, medium big round shape) especially in the arms, chest, back and they are increasing day by day. They are about 25-40 in number. When I stretch my arms or back or touch them, I feel pain. I had consulted a few prominent doctors and according to them there is no treatment for this problem. Only if some node is causing you problem, you can get it removed through surgery. But how many nodes will I remove, as they are so many? I had taken Ayurvedic treatment for the same but of no avail. Besides I also followed Homeopathy but that too gone in vain. Please help me and give me the proper guidance.

A:If the swellings are appearing all over your body, they are not lymph glands but a condition called neurofibromatosis. This is a condition where benign swellings appear from nerves under the skin. There is usually a strong family history when other members of the family have the same problem. What you require to do is to have a needle biopsy of one of the swellings done to confirm the diagnosis. If confirmed I agree with the statement that no treatment is necessary or possible other than remove swellings which become painful, cause pressure or grow rapidly. Alternate forms of medicine like homeopathy or ayurveda to the best of my knowledge do not help.


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