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Are the rashes on my child due to sensitivitiy to sunlight?

Q: My baby is almost a year old, I took her out in the afternoon and she got red rash on her cheeks which had lasted for 2 weeks, and also rash on her legs. Why does this happen? Doctor gave eltocin medicine for that, but he didn't tell the reason for this and how it can be prevented, so if you could give some advice and also that is there any sun protection cream available in Delhi for my baby. My doctor also gave victofol iron syrup to my child, need to know for how long that should be given and any other vitamin I should give to my child?

A:Your baby seems to be having photosensitivity. A condition which means the child has a sensitive skin which on exposure to sunlight can develop rashes which may be severe enough usually will be seen on exposed parts of the body and may take few days to resolve. Avoid taking your child in bright sunlight. If it is required cover the child with thin cotton clothing as much as possible. Try to be under the shade, may be use an umbrella when you move out. It is a good idea to use sun protection creams if exposure to sunlight is unavoidable. Your son is one year old. If he is otherwise healthy and is eating normal diet routine supplementation with vitamins and iron is not required. But if your doctor feels he is not eating enough or looks deficient in vitamins or iron you may continue supplementation till two years of age.


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