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Are the exercises I am doing enough?

Q: I workout for about 2 to 3 hours everyday. I also do weight training and cardio exercises. My lifestyle otherwise is not very active (mostly sedentary). I lost 20 lbs and want to lose another 15-18 lbs. I am 5.1 in height and 138 lbs. Is what I am doing with my workouts correct or is it too much? However, I do enjoy my two hours at the gym. Can you please tell me what should be my calorie intake to lose some more weight.

A:For your age, you are doing well. Make sure that the weight loss is gradual, not sudden or it will all come back on. Even though you enjoy working out this much, you must however take at least ONE day off from your routine. And your maximum output should not exceed 2 hours per effort, i.e. keep each days workout to a max of 2 hours. What you can do is to bring about new challenges in your routine to make it livelier. Once or twice a week, you can actually think of replacing an activity with any slow movement exercises like free flowing yoga or a spot of tai chi. These will give you and your body an all round development that will enhance your sense of feeling-good!


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