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Are the bumps on my penis due to candida?

Q: I am a 23 years old male having small white bumps on the base of my penis. They don't hurt and haven't opened. I had sex about six weeks ago and the hard itchy granular showed up 12 days after the sexual exposure. I surfed the Internet and found out that these are the symptoms of either fordyce spots or candida. So, I did candida spit test and feel that I am suffering from candida. I have been using Miconazole 7 but the bumps come back when I discontinue the medicine. I feel really uncomfortable and experience pain in my lower abdomen. Please help.

A:Granular, solid eruptions over the rim of the head of penis, are not unusual in normal individuals. They are called pearly penile papules and nothing need be done. However, it should be confirmed by a specialist. These are usually noticed when a person examines himself for a possible STD after an indiscreet activity. If you had itching after sex, then you definitely acquired some infection which could be candida. However, this should get eradicated by proper selection of the antifungal - topical or oral. Blister is a term used for fluid filled eruption and not for the solid ones. If you had blisters over the upper lip which contained fluids, then they cannot be Fordyce spots. I suggest you do not become your own doctor but seek a medical help. Medicine cannot be learnt by reading books.


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