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Are recumbent cycles effective for losing weight?

Q: Is recumbent bike as effective as other stationary cycles? What are its benefits? How to use it effectively?

A:Recumbent cycles are the most effective weight loss tools in the market. They are most comfortable and put the least strain on the lower back and spine and are easier on the body with no jarring effects with least joint pain. This means a more enjoyable workout. Some models have arm cranks, which can be moved forward and backward, again by adjusting a lever. You can change the resistance of the workout. Arm plus leg exercises burn more calories than cycling alone. Have one with adjustable height. How to use it— 1. Get familiar with your bike. 2. Position handlebars properly. 3. Set the seat height such that your knee bends only slightly with the pedal at it’s lowest point. 4. Adjust Resistance. 5. Use pedal clips to fix your feet firmly in place on the pedals to allow your legs to pull as well as push the pedals.


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