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Are pelvic floor exercises helpful?

Q: My 42 years old wife underwent ultrasonography, which showed a small hypoechoic area measuring 1.1 cm x 1.0 cm in the left lateral region of myometrium – suggestive of fibroid and uterus appeared anteverted. Endometrial cavity and both ovaries appeared normal. She was prescribed Meftal Spas tablet for pain and advised pelvic exercises. As her haemoglobin is low (11.8 g/dl), she was advised capsule-hemsi. Now she has started doing exercise with the help of a physiotherapist. Please guide.

A:Pelvic floor exercises are helpful in urinary incontinence when it is associated with weak pelvic floor, more commonly seen with uterine prolapse (prolapse of womb). The scan report does not show anything which needs treatment. The small fibroid seen is a very common finding in many women and does not necessarily need any treatment. Haemoglobin of 11.5g/dl is good enough and there is no need to worry about it.


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