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Are omega 3 fatty acids helpful in curing dyslexia?

Q: Our 8-year-old daughter is diagnosed as having a mild learning disability problem of Dyslexia. We came to know that adding essential fatty acids especially omega-3 to child's diet might help the disability. It is also stated that fish oil based supplements are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. How safe it is to give these supplements to children? Local chemists and druggists do not have these supplements. Where can we find these supplements in India? We also came to know that Flax seed oil also contains some omega-3 fatty acids. What is the local name for flax seed?

A:Dyslexia is a common problem that has no medical cure at present. Otherwise famous people such as the movie star Tom Cruise would have advertised the cure for their own condition. In children, herbs such as ginkgo and nutritional supplements are unlikely to help, and apart from the fiscal cost they do not harm. Numerous products are available and thus any may be taken with the likelihood of equivalent results.


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