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Are my suicidal feelings linked to depression?

Q: I am a 30 years old male suffering from depression for the past five years. I am having a pain in the middle of my head. Sometimes, I also feel heavy headed. I feel no freshness when I get up in the morning. Now, I am having suicidal feelings, sex problems and concentration problems. My head ache increases when I exercise or run. Are these all symptoms of depression?

A:Although I cannot make a diagnosis from a short letter, I can tell youthe symptoms you describe often occur when a person is seriously depressed, and the quickest treatment is antidepressant medicine that is prescribed by a doctor who is expert in treating depression; usually, a psychiatrist. It is best to also have talking therapy - psychotherapy - with the same doctor, or it can be with a social worker or psychologist who is trained to do psychotherapy. Depression is treatable, but it usually doesn't go away without treatment.


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