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Are my daughter’s blood test reports normal?

Q: My three and a half years old daughter had fever with vomiting, some days back. She got well with the medicines but after a few days, she suddenly felt uncomfortable and the doctor asked us to get some blood tests done. The results are cited below:

  • Blood Sugar: 181 mg/dL
  • Blood Urea: 63 mg/dL
  • Haemoglobin: 8.9 %
What could be the problem? Please help.

A:Your daughter's blood glucose is slightly high. The blood glucose should not be more than 140mg/dl in non-fasting state. You should get her checked by a paediatric endocrinologist or your pediatrician and get her blood glucose checked again. A glucose tolerance test, HbA1C and urine for sugar and ketones should be done if any of the readings are high to rule out pre diabetes/diabetes. Her hemoglobin is also low and urea is slightly high. These should also be correlated with her clinical condition. Is she drinking too much water and passing too much urine? Get her checked by a doctor immediately.


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