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Are kidney stones dangerous during pregnancy?

Q: My friend's wife became pregnant through IVF and the kid is now 16 weeks old. Now, it has been found out that she has stones in her kidney. Will this affect her pregnancy? What is the best way to handle this situation now?

A:The frequency of kidney stones (nephrolithiasis) in pregnant women is not more than that in non-pregnant women. Pregnancy is not known to increase either the process of stone formation, or the complications arising out of stone formation. Usually, the most serious complication of kidney stones in pregnancy happens to be urinary tract infection. Presence of stones in the kidneys usually would not cause any symptoms with no need for immediate concern while stones present in the ureter (portion of urinary tract originating from the kidney and attaching to the bladder) most often are spontaneously passed out. However, in case the ureteric stones don't pass or cause symptoms, one requires surgical intervention including placement of stent in the ureter to help in the passage of urine besides conservative measures (bed rest, analgesics and hydration). With appropriate diagnosis and management, the outcome for both the mother and baby is excellent.


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