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Are inhalers safe for young children?

Q: My child is 1 year and 6 months old. In the last 18 months she has suffered from cold and cough more than 12 times. Each time she was diagnosed as having upper respiratory catarrh and given cough syrup and antibiotics. Earlier this month she suffered from cough, cold and high fever but this time the doctor said it is lower respiratory tract infection (LRTI) with wheeze and gave her the following medicines: syrup Amrolite-D - 3ml one times a day; syrup Theo Salhexin 4ml three times a day; syrup Aldinir (125mg/5ml)3 1/2 ml two times a day; Nasoclear Plus Nasal Drops; syrup Ibugesic Plus 6ml max 4 time if fever >100 c; Rhinocort Aqua Nasal Spray - One spray in each nostril at bed time; Asthalin Inhaler - 1 puff 4-6 hourly/sos; Bludecort 100 inhaler - 1 puff 2 times daily. Should such a small child be given the inhaler and is it necessary to give her all these medicines? Her recent blood report shows the following: Hb% - 11.2; WBC - 10,400/c.m.m; ESR (1st h)- 18mm, 2nd hour-32mm, Mean -17mm/hr; Neutrophil 33%, Monocyte 2%, Lymphocyte 63%, Eosinophil 2%.

A:Your child who is one and half year old seems to be suffering from Hyperreactive airway disease (HRAD) which in lay mans terms means respiratory allergy. Best and safe treatment for this condition is inhaled bronchodilators which is asthalin and anti inflammatory agents which is budecort. There is nothing wrong in giving inhalers to such a small child, as this is the only medicine which is going to give her relief. Inhaled treatment is more effective with least side effects. I would suggest that, in consultation with your paediatrician, you should go ahead and give relief to your child.


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