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Are hiccups normal in newborns?

Q: I have a baby girl who is 1 week old. My milk is not sufficient for her so I feed her with a bottle. The problem is that she gets hiccups lasting almost for 20 minutes after every feed. I am very much worried. Doctors here say that it is normal. But I don't think so. I would be highly obliged if I could get some satisfying solution regarding this problem.

A:Your baby is only one week old and I think it is too early to jump on the conclusion that your milk is not enough. Please don't resort to bottle feeds, because once the baby gets used to the bottle she would never attempt to suck at the breast. Hiccups are normal in newborn babies. More so in bottle fed babies as they tend to swallow lot of air with the feed and this distends their stomach and they would have hiccups due to pressure on the diaphragm. Once she is having hiccups don't attempt to feed her. Just keep her upright on your shoulder. If at all you need to supplement milk, either use expressed breast milk or other milk and give it with a spoon.


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