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Are electronic devices useful for losing weight?

Q: There are various electronic devices shown on the television such as 'Abslim' etc. which are touted to help slim a fat person. I want to know if there are any side effects of using such devices. Also, are there any medicines for burning fat as even a tea based medicine is shown in the teleshopping advertisements. To what extent they are correct? If they are fooling us then why is there no action taken against them. Earlier they used to show advantages of older products and now the same products are shown in poor light. Can I have a satisfactory answer from you.

A:Weight loss, where required, is most effectively achieved by a healthy lifestyle as opposed to dependance on Dieting or on devices, electronic or otherwise. A thirty-minute brisk walk early morning , followed by some basic exercises, a light but nutritionally balanced breakfast, replacing the usual junk-food-work-place luncheon with some fresh fruits & a glass of fruit juice, strict avoidance of oily snacks such as wafers, bhujias, etc. can all do wonders to effective weight control. You should contact a nutritional expert to advise you on your dietary habits, and commence brisk walking & basic exercises immediately. As for tele-marketing-promises, pay no attention to them. They are more interested in profits than in your well-being. As to why no action is taken against them, I am not really qualified to answer that question.


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