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Are Duolin and Seroflo 25 safe?

Q: My two years old son is suffering from recurrent cough and mild breathing problem. He was not cured after taking Doxcef 100 for 10 days. My paediatrician prescribed Duolin (2 puff x 2 times for 10 days) and Seroflo 25 (2 puff x 3 times for 10 days and then 1 puff x 2 times to continue). He also advised to resume Duolin if recurrent cough starts again. Are Duolin and Seroflo 25 safe? He also took Montair 4 for three months for breathing problem.

A:Since your child has recurrent bouts of severe cough and cold, it is quite likely that he has hyper reactive air way disease which in lay man's term means bronchial allergy. For this the line of treatment is fine. We have to find the minimal possible dose of the medicine to give him appropriate relief. If indicated inhaled medications are reasonably safe.


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