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Are Asthalin and Beudecort inhalers safe for a baby?

Q: We have a son who is 1 year and 8 months old. Hes been treated for running nose, cough, chest congestion off and on a couple of times. Some amount of wheezing (not too much) is detected too on some occasions. Most of the time it results in fever. Our first doctor used to prescribe Antibiotics for the fever episodes but my new doctor asks to wait for 3/4 days for the fever to subside after which she prescribes Augmentin Duo. My new doctor says this frequent episode of runny nose, chest congestion and coughing accompanied with a small amount of wheezing means allergy to something in the environment. My son is normally prescribed Relent, and now Asthalin-100 two puffs thrice a day. I can't really say things are any better with this inhaler. This dose of Asthalin is for for an adult. Is the same dose okay for a child of 1 year 8/9 months? Asthalin is given whenever there is coughing and some amount of wheezing. But now my doctor is asking to give also Beudecort-100 for 5 days 1 puff 3 times a day when this episode starts. It is asteroid. Is it safe for a 1.8 year old child? Should we wait till 4/5 years to start this? Can there be some side effects on such a small child?

A:Most episode of cough and cold are viral in origin. Babies who have a tendency to wheeze often start wheezing after the onset of a running nose. The wheezing needs to be relieved and Asthalin either by inhaler or orally as a syrup is often required. The inhaler is the same as the adult inhaler and so is the dosage. Asthalin will not cause any harm and is perfectly safe. Beudecort is a steroid used to prevent frequent attacks of wheezing, it is given by inhaler and is perfectly safe for use even in small babies. Your child is not too young for this treatment. The dosages you have mentioned are standard. Please follow the advise given by your doctor.


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