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Are antibiotics safe for recurrent colds in a child?

Q: My daughter is 4 years and 7 months old, her weight is 22 kgs. She frequently suffers from severe cough, cold, running nose and fever. In spite of our taking utmost care in the matters of hygienic food and atmosphere etc., she has this problem at least once in a month, since her birth. With the help of antibiotics and anti-allergic medicines as prescribed by doctors, the problem is cured every time. Blood tests and Chest X-ray shows normal values. Last, she was given Cephelexin kid 125 mg 2 tabs TDS and Relent syrup 5 ml BD. How can this problem be cured permanently? Is it safe to have 9 to 10 courses of antibiotics in a year at such young age? What are the side effects?

A:Your daughter seems to be suffering from recurrent allergic cough and cold. Most of these episodes do not require antibiotics. Most often anti-allergic syrups and bronchodilators would suffice. Sometimes, if your doctor is reasonably sure that a given episode is a bacterial infection, then only antibiotics need to be given. Recurrent antibiotics may sometimes be associated with some side effects. There is no permanent cure for this, but the good thing about allergies is most of them spontaneously become better as the child grows.


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