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Any solution for inability to sustain erection?

Q: I am a 31 year old male, married and with a kid. The problem that I face is that when I have sex with my wife and I enter my penis into her vagina, I do not feel any kind of sensation in my penis, and hence do not get excited. As a result, I am unable to sustain my erection and cannot come inside her. I re-excite myself and come outside (masturbate, so to say). This has been the case since the first day of my marriage. I would also like to tell you that I am a gay, and hence, I do not get usual excitement when I have sex with my wife. I have to fantasize (the way I do when I masturbate) and when my penis is erect, I try entering her. But like I said, I do not feel any kind of sensation inside. Sustaining the erection is another problem. Is there any solution? Do you think my problem is because of some problem with my penis skin?

A:There is nothing wrong with your skin as you enjoy masturbation and gay experience. It must be related to your own expectations, which may be unrealistic. Your excitement is within you. The pleasure of sex is not derived from tightness of vagina or like this, but it is within you. Cultivate love with your wife, fantasize about her and you can enhance the pleasure.


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