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Angioplasty or Cardiac bypass surgery

Q: Which of the procedures - angioplasty or cardiac bypass surgery, best suited for a patient with earlier myocardial infarction (posterior wall) and mild left ventricular failure?

A:There is nothing like any procedure being more suited for a patient than another procedure on the basis of early myocardial infarction and mild left ventricular failure. It all depends on the number of arteries that are blocked and the qualitative nature of the block. If you have got one artery blocked which is blocked in a localized place then one can very comfortably perform angioplasty but if you have all the three arteries blocked or the blockages are located at such critical areas where a stent can not be implanted or if the blockages are of a long segmental nature, then technically angioplasty is difficult to perform and even if successful, the chances of long term success are much less and therefore in these patients bypass surgery is the preferred mode of treatment. So I think the decision as to which procedure is going to be best suited for a particular patient is a very technical decision which can only be taken by your cardiologist or cardiac surgeon incharge of the case.


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