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Am I suffering from any joint disease?

Q: I have a borderline positive ANA test result. The other test has shown that it is not Lupus or arthritis. The pain started behind my knee and just moves from joint to joint. I also have nose sores, sever fatigue, head pains, frequent menstrual problems and a negative STI test. What could this be?

A:Your symptoms are too nonspecific to fit any disease pattern that can be diagnosed on this basis. My own gut feeling is that it is nothing serious and could be related to fibromyalgia. In such situations, it is advisable not to panic but, to wait and watch. In rheumatological diseases, it is strongly advisable not to jump on any diagnosis before the disease acquires a recognisable pattern. Usually that takes about 3 months. If by the end of 3 months it has not evolved into a recognisable disease, it is unlikely to be any thing that needs drug treatment. A 3-6 monthly check-up with a qualified rheumatologist would be reassuring.


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