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Am I suffering due to masturbation?

Q: I am 17-year-old male. After passing urine I feel there is some urine remaining in my penis and there is pain. It especially happens if I urinate after masturbation. Is it due to masturbation? Sometimes I am not able to pass urine for a whole day and sometimes I urinate frequently. Is it normal? I consulted a urologist. My urine test and kidney scan was normal, except for some protein trace. I sometimes get reddish urine. Is there any thing wrong with my kidneys? Day by day I am getting weak. I am not diabetic nor I have high blood pressure. But two days before my blood pressure reading was 130/90 and yesterday it was 130\70.

A:All your symptoms could be variation of normal including the blood pressure readings and the finding of trace proteins in urine. The same is indicated by normal tests on urine and kidney scans too. At young age many worry about smallest observations and consider these as indicative of disease, more so attributing the symptoms to their habit of masturbation, as in your case. Having had all the tests, you should concentrate on other important things, and see your urologist again only after 6 months if you symptoms persist.


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