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Am I on right treatment for hypothyroidism?

Q: I am a 34 years old man suffering from thyroid disease for the last seven years. I am taking thyronorm (50 ug) regularly. My recent reports showed T3 - 97ng/dL, T4- 9.00 ug/dl and TSH - 2.76 uIu/ml. Someone has suggested Thyrowel capsules. Is it safe? I am also suffering from hypertension and taking medicine for controlling it. Am I on right treatment?

A:Your hypothyroidism is well controlled with thyronorm 50 ug per day. I would suggest you continue the same dose as this is the right dose for you as suggested by normal TSH. In your case, if the initial TSH was less than 10 and your anti-TPO test was negative, then you may reduce the dose to 25 daily and get your TSH checked after 6 weeks; if still normal then you can stop thyronorm and again get TSH repeated after 6 weeks. If you find your TSH still in normal range after stopping the drug, then you do not need thyronorm. Thyrowel is a supplement and not mandatory for hypothyroid patients.


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