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Am I exercising more than desirable?

Q: I am 20 years old and weigh 58 Kg, and have a question concerning my daily exercise routine. I have been told many times before that I exercise way too much. For example yesterday I ran 3 miles, lifted weights for about 40 minutes and was on the eliptical trainer for a little over an hour. Overall, my day consisted of 10 miles in cardio activity, weight lifting (light weights) and consumed about 1000 calories. I exercise 7 days a week, sometimes only 6. About 5 days out of the week I exercise twice or maybe even thrice a day. What do you think about this?

A:In my opinion, you indeed are exercising too much. This may not have a detrimental effect now but in your later years you may feel the negative effects. What you should question is that why you need to exercise so much? What is it that you are trying to achieve with putting in so many hours? Is there something else like any hobby that fulfils the same need? After all, even though being fit through exercise and good lifestyle habits is good for you, learning to relax is equally important. Too much of anything is not a good thing! Space your workout so that you get at least one days complete rest.


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