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Am I doing fine to keep fit?

Q: I am a 24 years old unmarried girl. I have been interacting with DoctorNDTV often regarding health and have got very satisfactory advice. I thank you all for the same. I have started exercising, a bit of yoga etc to keep fit and also to reduce my abdomen. Kindly let me know as to whether I am on the right track or else kindly correct me. I do brisk walking at 6.30 A.M. for half an hour. I reach home at 7 A.M. and lay down for half an hour. At 7.30 A.M. I do 10 minutes warm up exercise, next 10 minutes abdominal exercises, and next 10 minutes for cooling down exercises. I have gone through your fitness section and I practice some of those exercises too. Will lying down after brisk walking and then again exercising harm me? Also, I get lot of back pain and feel I have acidity which leads to chest pain. It is very uncomfortable for me then as I feel it is the result of improper ways of exercising. I want to change my lifestyle completely by keeping fit. What should be my regular diet? I don't like much fruits and milk and that’s the reason the doctor had prescribed me with calcium and iron tablets. I will be really grateful to you, if you could advice me about all this.

A:You are doing pretty well for a start, so keep the spirits up and the good work! Firstly you must cool down and gradually bring down the heartbeat and body temperature before lying down after a 30 minutes brisk walk. That will ensure that the body does not abruptly change and that might help you with your acidity (the same would go for lying down after a meal, its best to keep a gap of at least an hour so that the body can digest the food). After your walk and cool down, you can get into your exercises. AS far as your food is concerned, the latest WHO recommendations are that you eat a variety of food with less amount of fat, sugar, starch and calories. For information on brisk walking and other lifestyle inputs, continue looking into DoctorNDTV.com. You are on the right track! Keep well!


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