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Am I at a high risk for kidney failure?

Q: I am a 58 years old male with elevated creatinine levels ranging from 1.51 mg/dL to 1.68 mg/dL. I also suffer from hypertension and diabetes. I got treated for myocardial infarction 17 years back and for narrowing of distal LAD ten years back. For the last ten years, I have been taking Amlong, Repace H, Angispan, Ecosprin and Angispan. Though I do not face any problem doing my daily chores, I fear renal failure due to my high creatinine levels. What do I need to do to prevent kidney failure?

A:Persistently elevated levels of serum creatinine for more than three months are indicative of chronic kidney disease (CKD), as in your case. History of coronary heart disease, diabetes and hypertension has put you at risk for CKD. You would need further evaluation including urine analysis for protein leakage, which is a sign of kidney damage, kidney ultrasound to study the size and morphology of kidneys, and additional blood tests to look for any signs of kidney disease related complications like anemia and bone disease. From your side, you should continue to focus on strict blood sugar and blood pressure control (target goal <130/80mmHg) while avoiding potential kidney toxic medications including daily continuous intake of common pain medicines like nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory analgesics.


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