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Abdominal exercises

Q: I want to reduce my tummy. What are the exercises for it?

A:This can be taken care of by making certain dietary modifications and exercising, especially your abdominal muscles. You can reduce your tummy by doing crunches and abdominal exercises. Always do warming up and cooling down exercises for ten minutes before and after your routine exercises for your belly.

  1. CRUNCHES: - Lie on the ground with your knees flexed. Raise your torso so that your lower back goes flush with the ground.
  2. SIT-UPS: -Lie on the ground with your knees flexed. Now lift your torso up so that sit up. You could fix your feet for added support.
  3. THE BICYCLE BOARD:- Get a reclining board or an ironing board. Prop it up very carefully so that it does not slide or slip. Rest on the lowest end with head down, feet up. Now, pedal with pointed toes in a bicycling-type of motion. Do it ten to twelve times to start with. Breathing with mouth open will help considerably.
  4. UPSIDE-DOWN KICKS: - Lie on the floor with knees drawn towards the chest, arms are relaxed at the sides. Tighten and pull at the abdomen and point toes up sharply. Straighten knees and swing hips upward off the floor by shooting legs high into the air Rock back to the floor, return knees to chest- and repeat the entire process six to eight times.
Lie on stomach, palms down, elbows up. Putting weight on hands, tighten tummy muscles and push body up from the floor. Slowly, straighten elbows, pushing shoulders up. In one motion pull buttocks and groin up.
  • Pulling hands closer to feet, elevate groin and buttocks until legs are straight and heels are flat on the floor. Return to beginning. Do this exercise only once and work up to four or five times.
  • You should take up jogging and even swimming to your regular exercise regime. This will help you a lot. Do take care you do everything within your tolerance.
  • Do not stress yourself beyond your levels.
    You can follow the following exercises, but do not be in a hurry. You could lose one inch in fifteen days if you do the exercises properly. You could be disappointed even at the end of two weeks with your measure tape showing the same readings. But, later you could lose fast.
  • Keep to an oil free diet.
  • Do not go on a crash diet.
  • Always make it a habit to keep your stomach pulled in while you walk, sit or stand. It may take you some time to develop this habit.
  • Always do warming up and cooling down exercises for ten minutes before and after your routine exercises for your belly.


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