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A woman masturbated me with vaginal fluids in her hand, can I get the HIV virus?

Q: Recently I had sex with a sex worker with a condom after which she masturbated me with my condom on, the hand she was masturbating me with was filled with her own vaginal fluid as well as the lubricant. Do lubricants make the HIV virus survive for longer? Her right hand was filled with her own vaginal fluid and as she grew impatient, she took off the condom for me. While her right hand was wet with her own fluids, she masturbated me again. This time without a condom. I am very depressed and stressed as I am afraid that the fluid might have come in contact with my penis. Now I am hoping that she is free from the virus. Another question I would like to ask you is that I had a big ulcer on my lips when I sucked her nipple, what are my chances of getting the virus from her?

A:How recent is recently? In any case while it is theoretically possible that you could have got infection from her vaginal fluids being in contact with your penis, even without any ulceration or wound, it is by no means certain even if she was HIV infected. If you have any doubts you should undergo a test for HIV at any Voluntary Counselling and Testing Centre. The usual ELISA test can only give an accurate result after at least 3 months have elapsed since exposure, some times longer is needed, upto 6 months for the body to have enough antibodies to activate the test. If the test is negative you should stop worrying and just remember to avoid exposure to risk. Remember that condoms reduce the risk of infection, they do not offer 100% protection. If the test is positive, get it repeated. Unless both tests are positive do not believe positive results as the test can be wrong in positive results. If the exposure has been very recently, the usual tests can not be used and special tests have to be used. Consult your doctor about the possibility of PCR or DNA testing.


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