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What is circumcision?
What are the functions of the foreskin?
What are some reasons that circumcision is performed?
Is circumcision painful?
What to expect after the procedure?
What are the health benefits?
Possible risks:
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Tuesday, 09 June 2009
Written by : DoctorNDTV Team
What is circumcision?
What is circumcision?Circumcision is the surgical removal of the sleeve of skin and mucosal tissue that normally covers the glans (head) of the penis. This double layer, sometimes called the prepuce, is more commonly known as the foreskin.
What are the functions of the foreskin?
What are the functions of the foreskin?The foreskin serves three functions: protective, sensory, and sexual. In most cases, the foreskin is still fused to the glans at birth and will separate over a variable period of time over the first few years. During the diaper period, the foreskin protects against abrasion from diapers and faeces. Throughout life, the foreskin keeps the glans soft and moist and protects it from trauma and injury. Parts of the foreskin, such as the mucosa (inner foreskin) and frenulum, are particularly sensitive and contribute to sexual pleasure. Specialised nerve endings enhance sexual pleasure and control. The inner foreskin (mucosa) is the skin directly against the glans. The foreskin provides ample loose skin for the penis to occupy when erect. It is a movable skin sheath for the penis during intercourse, reducing chafing and the need for artificial lubricants, and allowing the glans and foreskin to naturally stimulate each other.
What are some reasons that circumcision is performed?
What are some reasons that circumcision is performed?Phimosis is the inability to retract the foreskin fully. In babies and young boys this is normal. As the baby grows older, the foreskin separates from the underlying glans penis. In some individuals, this separation does not happen fully or due to repeated infection in that area the skin becomes scarred. It might also happen later in life. When the foreskin does not retract, it predisposes to repeated infection in that area. Also, sexual intercourse may become painful and result in bleeding. The only treatment at that stage is a minor operation called circumcision, in which the foreskin is surgically removed.
Is circumcision painful?
Is circumcision painful?When done without pain medicine, circumcision is painful. There are pain medicines available that are safe and effective. It is recommended that they be used to reduce pain from circumcision. Local anaesthetics can be injected into the penis to lower pain and stress in infants. There are also topical creams that can help. Problems with using pain medicine are rare and usually not serious.
What to expect after the procedure?
What to expect after the procedure?After the circumcision, the tip of the penis may seem raw or yellowish. If there is a bandage, it should be changed with each diapering to reduce the risk of the penis becoming infected. The plastic ring that is left on the tip of the penis usually drops off within five to eight days. For both newborns and older children, circumcision is considered a very safe procedure with complete healing expected.
What are the health benefits?
What are the health benefits?Possible benefits of circumcision include:
  • Circumcision prevents infection and inflammation of the foreskin. And it may decrease the risk of penile cancer.
  • It might play a role in reducing the risk of sexually transmitted diseases. Practicing safe sex, however, is a far more important factor in preventing these diseases than whether a man is circumcised.
  • Infants who are not circumcised may be more likely to develop urinary tract infections. These infections early in life may lead to kidney problems later in life. Infants who have kidney or bladder abnormalities are at higher risk of urinary tract infections, so circumcision may be advised for these babies.
  • In rare circumstances problems can occur with the uncircumcised penis that may require circumcision at an older age. These problems include inflammation of the foreskin or adherence of the foreskin to the tip of the penis. Circumcision during infancy eliminates the possible need for the procedure at an older age.
  • Circumcision makes it easy to keep the end of the penis clean. However, the shedding skin cells that naturally accumulate on the glans of an uncircumcised boy are not harmful. Do not try to force the foreskin back to clean the penis of an infant or young boy. Washing externally with mild soap and water is all that is necessary.
Possible risks:
Possible risks:Like any minor surgery, circumcision poses some risk to the newborn:
  • Circumcision may cause excessive bleeding or infection, but this is rare.
  • Circumcision does cause pain. Local anaesthesia is frequently used. If you decide to have your son circumcised, you should to talk to your doctor about whether local anaesthesia will be used.
  • Circumcision is a preventive measure but is by no means a guarantee that medical issues will not develop later in life at the tip of the penis.
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Posted by : Rujhan, on Monday, June 14, 2010
Now doctors are advicing to do circumsion due to so many reasons.But this is in Quran which was granted to Prophet Muhammad 1400 years ago.Quran said this before 1400 years.That's why all muslims are doing this.There's no risks at all doing this if this is done by correct doctors.Muslims does this without any fear all around the Globe. Nowadays the science is everyday proving the facts of Quran. Allah Is The Greatest
Posted by : Bryan, on Saturday, June 12, 2010
I am glad you are keeping your readers fully aware of the risks and benefits of circumcision, or keeping the baby intact.

One point: Circumcision is not the only treatment available against phimosis. Manual stretching can be done, especially if aided by the use of steroid creams.

I see you put the risk of penile cancer as a possible health benefit, but do not put the risk of death as a possible risk. Statistically death is 7 times more likely in an infant from having a circumcision than getting penile cancer. Death from circumcision is also at least 3 times more likely than a child choking on a hotdog or other food, and dies. Yet the AAP wish to warn parents about the choking hazard of food products.

So please put death as a possible risk, although rare.

Lastly, there are many other risks you have not listed, such as:
Skin-bridges, Skin-tags, scarring, unevenness, gangrene, excessive skin removal (so later in life erections are painful), varicose veins, meatitis, fistula, ulcers, malapposition or bent penis, and sometimes total loss of penis (requiring a sexual reassignment operation).
Reports state that up to 15% of circumcisions will need a followup consultation with a doctor due to one problem or another. It is less than 1% of intact babies need a follow up, and that 1% is usually a UTI, which has been shown to be brought about by premature/forceful retraction of the foreskin.

Thank you for telling your readers than premature retraction of the foreskin is not recommended.

Posted by : shashankbibave, on Tuesday, September 29, 2009
this is very nice artical....it simply clears all the doubt regarding ciccumcission....
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