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A Worm Removed From A Woman's Eye in Kerala

A 70mm long filarial worm causing elephantiasis was removed from a woman's eye in a hospital situated in Kerala.

A Worm Removed From A Woman's Eye in Kerala

A 70mm worm removed from the woman's eye

From puzzling lumps and bumps to bewildering bodily reactions, medical case reports provide unique insight into how the human body functions and how doctors solve medical mysteries. They also bring up questions you never thought you'd ask. For example, how did a doctor operate a woman's eye with a 70 mm long worm? There are plethora of medical cases being reported everyday in India and while some of them are believable, there are many that are beyond the understanding of common man. There are millions of microorganisms like bacteria and fungi that live within a single human body, without causing any problems (unless there is and overgrowth). However, when a parasite or a worm enters the human body, it could lead several health problems and could trigger off some painful symptoms. There are different types of parasites that could infect the human body.

This medical condition might seem gross, but it happened in Kerela where doctors removed a worm from a woman's eye in a complex surgery. 56-year-old Lalitha visited the Ernakulam General Hospital complaining of itching and uneasiness in and around her eye. During examination, little did everybody know that doctors would find a worm inside her eye.

The woman was given a local anaesthesia and in a 10 hour long surgery, doctors were successful to remove the 70mm worm from the woman's eye. This worm belonged to Dirofilaria genus known to cause Elephantiasis. It refers to a parasitic infection that causes extreme swelling and gross enlargement in the arms and legs. The disease is caused by the filarial worm, which is transmitted from human to human via the female mosquito when it takes a blood meal. Lalitha’s eye got better the next day itself, but she has been given medication to prevent the spread of the worms to other parts of her body. 

How to Prevent Elephantiasis caused by Filarial worm :

1. Apply ointment: Applying ointment will act almost like a shield against the microfilariae. Even after you are infected, applying ointment will cleanse the lymph nodes and skin, resulting in faster results.

2. Compressive bandages: Using compressive bandages manages to secrete the lymphatic juice, whereas before, the flow was blocked, causing the swelling.

3. Surgically removing infected tissue

4. Use bug spray: Again the main goal is to keep away mosquitoes. Using bug spray will ward off any unwanted vectors such as mosquitoes.

5. Spray to kill mosquitoes around you

6. Cover yourself up: Wearing clothes with coverage will help protect you from mosquito bites. Just like any other mosquito precaution, it will limit the skin exposed, therefore, decreasing the chances of being bitten.

7. Wash hands, feet, and body: Maintaining your hygiene is essential. This will keep your body clean, and help prevent serious infection. If you are infected, and your skin is cleansed, it will do less damage.


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