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Do You Suffer From Insulin Resistance? It's Not The Same As Diabetes

Insulin resistance is what leads to diabetes. But it can be treated and even prevented in the first place.

Do You Suffer From Insulin Resistance? It's Not The Same As Diabetes

Insulin resistance can develop because of stress, obesity, smoking and even pregnancy

Do you know what causes diabetes? No, it's not just because of eating too much sugar. While diabetes is characterized by high blood sugar, it is caused because of a situation called insulin resistance. This is a condition where the insulin secreted by your pancreas is unable to absorb sugar from the food you eat and so the sugar builds up in your blood stream, bringing you a risk of heart diseases with any more consumption of sugary foods. But why does it happen in the first place? Well, the functioning of your insulin can get haywire if you are obese or pregnant or very inactive, if your diet is excessively high in calories and sugar or if you take too much stress. It can also trigger because of genetic factors.


You can undergo various tests to detect insulin resistance in your body. One kind is the blood sugar fasting where your glucose levels are checked after not eating for about 8 hours. Another is a random blood draw where blood samples can be taken at any time of the day to check glucose levels. Other tests are Glycosylated Haemoglobin and Oral glucose tolerance test. Unfortunately, none of these can detect insulin resistance in early stages.

People with insulin resistance are also generally low on energy, feel very hungry and find it difficult to concentrate. You may also suffer from other medical conditions like high blood pressure and high cholesterol because of this resistance.

diabetes diagnosis

There are many tests to diagnose diabetes but few to detect insulin resistance early
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During insulin resistance, since your cells don't respond accurately to insulin hormone, the body tends to overproduce it. So the cure for insulin resistance can be of two kinds. One, that reduces the need of insulin in our body and the other where the resistance to insulin is reduced. Both these things can happen by resorting to a better diet, though to a limited extent.

There are also various medications available that either prevent the liver from releasing glucose in the blood or slows the absorption of sugar in the gut. They may also increase the sensitivity of the body cells to insulin.

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How you can prevent it

exercise cardio

Various fitness workouts to fry off fat and even yoga can help you prevent insulin resistance
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Food and Ketogenic diet - Some foods are absorbed faster in our blood stream than others, leading to a sudden spike in the blood sugar content. Avoid eating foods like bread, fruit juice, doughnuts, french fries and include vegetables like broccoli and carrots in your diet. Foods rich in fiber are also extremely helpful in fighting insulin resistance. A ketogenic diet can further help you prevent insulin resistance.

Exercise and Lose weight - Find exercises that you like. It's important to follow weight maintenance and shed some kilos if you are overweight. Exercises like swimming, running, high intensity interval training, yoga, plank exercises are helpful.

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