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5 Things You Didn't Know About Ketogenic Diets

Following a ketogenic diet helps in improving one's insulin sensitivity. When you strategically follow this diet, you are able to lower your blood sugar.

5 Things You Didn't Know About Ketogenic Diets

Ketogenic diet has many potential benefits for weight loss and general health

The ketogenic diet is a diet where your body produces ketones in the liver to be used as energy. This diet is also called as a low-carb high-fat diet or simply a low-carb diet. It is a very low carb diet in which fat is burnt for energy. This kind of dietary combination helps in shifting the metabolism from burning carbs to burning fat. The fat burns in the form of ketones produced in the liver. A ketogenic diet primarily involves taking food items like fish, nuts & seeds, extra-virgin olive oil, butter, meat, eggs, herbs, cheese, spices and avocados. It has many potential benefits for weight loss and general health but also some potential side effects.

Take a look at the following 5 things no one told you about the ketogenic diet:

1. Lower blood sugar and higher insulin sensitivity

Following a ketogenic diet helps in improving one's insulin sensitivity by a large margin. When you strategically follow a diet full of low carbs and dietary fat, you are able to lower your blood sugar.

2. Prevent and treat neuro-degenerative disease

Ketogenic diet helps in preventing serious neuro-degenerative conditions such as Alzheimer's disease, epilepsy and Parkinson's disease. Burning of ketones largely help in shifting the metabolism of brain cells.

3. Lose more weight as compared to a low-fat diet

Keto diets help in regulating appetite, and controlling hunger that leads to weight loss. Obesity or excessive weight often causes serious issues such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Ketogenic diet in this regard can help people at large in dealing with weight loss and thus, fighting against diseases.

4. Reduction in inflammation

When you are on a ketogenic diet, you are able to reduce inflammation. Inflammation instigates diseases like Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, cancer and coronary artery disease. So when you go on a keto diet, you are reducing inflammation significantly.

5. Other health benefits

The ketogenic diet also offers a plethora of potential health benefits mentioned below:

  • Good food leads to good focus. When you follow a ketogenic diet, you are able to enhance your concentration levels. This will reflect in your work and daily activities.
  • If you want to overcome your distorted work life balance and manage your habits, keto diet is the answer. Follow a healthy ketogenic diet and see yourself getting back on track again.
  • When you are healthy, you are stronger mentally. You are a better decision maker and able to lead a balanced life - that's what a ketogenic diet does to you.
  • Ketogenic diets help build up more muscular stamina. This helps in having a good overall body build up and a healthy life.

It is advisable, if you are planning to follow a ketogenic diet, you should first speak to your doctor. Understand all the pros and cons of the diet and what is best suited for your body before going ahead.

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