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Will surgery improve sperm motility?

Q: I am a 34 years old man having varicocoele in both the testes; left testis is damaged severely and the right testis is affected too. There is also a difference in size in both the testes. My height is 5.6 feet and weight is 75 kg. I got colour images (sonography) done for my testes and a sperm count too. I got married last year and am planning to have a child now. My sperm count is 21 million but sperm motility is poor. The doctor has suggested me to go for surgery for improving the motility of the sperms and the sperm count too. Is there an alternative for this? Will surgery improve the motility rate and sperm count? Are there any home remedies that can help?

A:In view of the details you sent, your doctors are on the right track and you are likely to be helped with surgery for varicocoele. However, it is difficult to predict at this stage. Majority of patients of established varicocoele do improve the quality of semen after surgery, but it is difficult to say at this stage how many of these turn into successful pregnancies. There is no home remedy. It is a simple procedure and there are good chances of your fathering a child.


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