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Will my sexual perversion cause me problems?

Q: I am a 20 years old male suffering from voyeurism. I derive immense sexual pleasure by watching another person undress or perform intercourse. I fear that I may not be able to maintain normal sexual relations due to impotence and I usually masturbate while seeing others performing sexual act. Will this cause me problems in future?

A:Voyeurism is classified as a sexual perversion. It can get you into dangerous situations with people, their next of kin, and the law. Also, there is the risk of social opprobrium. The situation is complicated because some voyeurs cannot derive sexual pleasure any other way except by playing `Peeping Tom'. You must try and stop acting out your perverse urges, and employ fantasy instead. There are many resources available over the Internet that address this issue. Some will address your condition in a medical sort of way, some are social support groups, and yet others will give you great alternatives for peeping into your neighbour's bedroom.


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