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Will I get any infection if I have sex with the pillow?

Q: I am a 27 years old unmarried man and I weigh 90 kg. I have never had sex with any woman so far. I have been addicted to having sex only with a pillow and I discharge semen on the pillow. This has been happening since I was 15 years old. I tend to get a rash on my scrotal skin sporadically since I was 16 years old and the dermatologist said that the rash might be due to my obesity and sweating and asked me to use Candid. When I use Candid, the rash goes away. I fear whether it is a symptom of a sexually transmitted disease as it develops only on my scrotum. I also had E.coli infection on urinalysis and was treated with Urispas and other medications. Can I get any infection (like STDs) because of my addiction of having sex with the pillow?

A:The only way in which you will get such an infection is if the pillow is dirty!! But what you actually need to do is to focus on why you still resort to pillow talk for this gratification. Look at seeking some companionship. If you feel that your excess weight is creating problems for your self esteem, look at ways of reducing weight as soon as possible. It might help for you to consult a counsellor to help you resolve some of these issues.


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