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Will I ever to able to father a child?

Q: I am a 27 years old male. My semen analysis report says:
Grade IV Motility : 0%
Grade III : 10%
Grade II : 15%
Does it mean that I will never be able to father a child?

A:There are many other parameters in semen like sperm count and sperm morphology, which will have an important bearing apart from motility before answering the possibility of your fathering a child. Low motility with normal sperm count (asthenospermia) will have a better outcome compared to low count associated with very few sperms (azoospermia). Both conditions would require a different work up too. Most common causes of poor motility are infections, varicocoele and immunological. You need a proper clinical examination apart from a repeat semen analysis with ultrasound doppler examination of scrotum and estimation of antisperm antibodies before proceeding any further.


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