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Will I be able to play again after a knee injury?

Q: I am 35 years old male, a vegetarian from India. I do not smoke or drink and am good in sports. I had a minor injury in the right knee last year. There was minor pain and no medicine was taken. Thereafter swelling occurred. My test showed RF -ve, ASO -ve, CRP +ve uric acid 5.9, ESR 10.5 Hb- 11.5, Mantoux 2mm, HIV I and II -ve, sputum AFB-ve, abdomen ultrasound no abnormality, CRP 0.2 mgs/dl, SGPT 42u/l, ESR 8, PCR of synovial fluid showed presence of Mycobacterium tuberculosis DNA using electrophoresis and gel- DOoc system. I took TB medicine for two months and then started Rcinex 650 and multivitamins on advice. The pain is still there and I can bend my knee completely 3/4th. Will I be able to play again. If yes, by what time? Is medication needed? Can I swim and exercise?

A:The fact that the PCR showed the presence of tuberculosis is strong evidence that you developed tuberculosis of the knee joint. You should certainly continue treatment as per your physicians advice. I cannot comment on your medication regimen as I practice in another country where the medication names are different. If this has not already been done you should see a physiotherapist so that you can be given exercises for your knee since you can bend it only 3/4 as you indicate. There is no reason why you cannot swim. You should be able to progressively return to your usual activities including sports. However, this should be done after consulting with your doctor locally.


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