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Will Fenolip affect my sex life?

Q: I am a 50 years old male weighing 65 kg. My triglycerides level is 285, HDL - 40, LDL - 121 and VLDL - 34. Around six months back, my triglycerides level was 227. My doctor has prescribed me Fenolip 145 two months back. I am also suffering from asthma. I am taking an inhaler for my breathing problem for the last 11 months. I exercise and do brisk walks regularly. But only in winters I tend to avoid walking. Now after using Fenolip, I am feeling better and do not use an inhaler. Will Fenolip affect my sex life? I am noticing that my penis becomes soft in winter and gets hard in summers.

A:There is no direct relation with asthma and Fenolip or even erection difficulties. You should get your fasting sugar HbA1c to rule out diabetes. Erection difficulties could be due to several reasons and if you do have diabetes you should get your TSH, free testosterone (8 to 9 am) and Prolactin done and meet an endocrinologist. Abnormal lipids level can lead to erection difficulties and this can lead to what we call vascular disease. Erection requires your vessels to be filled with blood.


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