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Will excessive water intake have any adverse effects on my health?

Q: I used to drink 1-2 litres of water everyday. After taking an advice from a friend, I have increased it to 6 litres. Will this have any adverse effect on my health or damage my kidney in any way?

A:The first 3-7 days of Water Therapy could trouble you slightly. You might suffer headaches and body-aches, as well as feel your head swimming. Sweating, nausea and loose-motions could also form part of the symptoms. If not all these, you might definitely experience a certain sort of uneasiness. The thing to keep in mind is that these are not harmful after-effects of Water Therapy. These symptoms merely serve to testify that the body is getting rid of all the toxic elements trapped within its cells. Since these are not signs of harmful after-effects of Water Therapy, the therapy ought to be continued despite them. If necessary, the quantity of water drunk every morning could be decreased to a bearable extent. After a couple of weeks, when these disturbing symptoms subside, the water intake can be increased to 6 litres. Though this sort of Water Therapy is good for kidney and heart-patients, I would advise such people to try it out only after procuring their physician's permission and relevant guidance.


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