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Why is my wife getting persistent bodyache?

Q: My wife is 37 years old. She has been suffering from severe bodyache since the last three months. The doctor had advised to get the arthritis profile for her. We found that serum for ASO titre is 390 IU/ML, whereas the normal range is upto 200 IU/ML. There is no swelling in the joints. Could you advise on her treatment?

A:Please note that the symptoms that you have described in your wife are very nonspecific. Moreover, ASO or ASLO titre has noting to do with any arthritis; also it is a test for acute heart problem in children. Therefore, it should not have been done as it does not help in making any diagnosis related to arthritis. In fact, rheumatologists are against such arthritis panels - these panels cause more confusion than provide any help. It is absolutely necessary to first make a clinical diagnosis by history and physical examination. Then, based upon the provisional diagnosis, specific tests are done to rule-in or rule-out that disease. I strongly recommend that you consult a rheumatologist (not an orthopaedic surgeon) for correct diagnosis and treatment of your wife.


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