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Why is my testicular pain not reducing?

Q: I am a 31 years old man having pain in the left testis since 8 months. The doctor prescribed antibiotics and painkillers. Though I got some relief but the problem remained. Then I consulted a urologist who did not give me any medicine rather he told me to put a sports undergarment, which gave me great relief; but the problem still remains, though to a small extent. What should I do?

A:Testicular pain is known as orchalgia. Most common cause of orchalgia is injury or infection, both occurring suddenly lasting for short periods, and responding to analgesics or antibiotics as the case may be. Other causes of acute severe testicular pain are torsion of testis, usually occurring in children and adolescents, and referred pain due to a ureteric stone. Chronic orchalgia is defined as testicular dull pain lasting more than 3 months, as seems to fit in your case, and may result from a variety of reasons. It may be associated with an enlarged scrotum as may occur due to accumulation of water (hydrocoele), chronic infections and cancer. Chronic orchalgia without swelling may result from incompetent testicular veins known as varicocoele, a rather common condition, as well as another common condition with congestion of pelvic organs like prostatitis with pain referred to the testicles. With so many possibilities, you would realise, it is essential for you to seek opinion from a doctor who would be able to advise you correctly after proper history and local examination.


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