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Why is my skin dry and rough?

Q: I am a 24 years old male having very sensitive skin. I have an acne problem on my back and chest from the past 6 years, which has reduced considerably. The skin on my face, especially above my lips and on the chin and some areas on my cheeks, peels off quite often, a severe form of dryness. I went to a skin specialist and he said I have rosacea. He prescribed Microdox-dt and Clinmiskin, but I found that Clinmiskin did not help much and the skin on my cheeks became rough and reddish, so I used Clindac-A, which was prescribed earlier and that helped. But, if I do not apply it, the skin becomes reddish and rough again, with the severe peeling around my mouth. I have also found that my skin becomes more reddish during the winter season. My nose is very oily. I have tried Cetaphil moisturising cream and a cleansing lotion also. Please advise.

A:Red skin in patches with a dry surface suggests that there is an element of dermatitis. This may be due to a reaction to medicines, allergy to cosmetics, allergy to chemicals in the environment, photodermatitis. Rosacea is usually more common in females and occurs after 35/40 years of age, but can occur at an early age.


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