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Why is my skin below the knees darkening?

Q: My legs below the knees have blackened and I feel like scratching them all the time. A wound had developed which did not heal even after a long period. This has been happening since 3 years. I have tried homeopathy, but was of no use. The doctor says that there are worms in my legs and they have made their home in my legs. Please suggest some remedy for my problem?

A:Darkening of skin occurs in a number of conditions. It may be a feature of the primary skin problem like lichen planus or it may be the result of an inflammation (the so called post inflammatory pigmentation). Itching can also occur in a number of conditions, for example as a manifestation of some metabolic disorders, fungal infections, allergies, etc. Proper evaluation and diagnosis is necessary. Consult a good Dermatologist in your area.


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