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Why is my platelet count decreasing?

Q: I am a 25 years old housewife got fever (101 Fahrenheit) 15 days back. I underwent typhidot, where both IgM and IgG came positive. The doctor told me that I have typhoid and gave me Cefixime (400 mg) twice daily and panadol every 6 hours for 14 days. Around 10 days back, my complete blood count (CBC) showed 205000 platelets, white blood cell (WBC) - 46000 and RBC 10.2. Now, it has reduced to 107000 platelets, WBC is 2000 and RBC - 11.7. After taking treatment for six days, my fever still persists. Why is my platelet count decreasing?

A:low blood coun(TLC)happens in both typhoid fever and viral fevers like dengue. However, low platelet count is more a feature of viral fevers than typhoid.It maybe a possibility that you have a mixed infection. Do blood culture,dengue serology and monitor daily patelet count x few days till it picks up. In case of dengue like illnesses,risk of bleeding is only if plaelet count is close to 20000.Viral illnesss need only symptomatic treatment.Typhoid needs the antibiotic that you are on ,so contiue the same.


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