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Why is my partner not getting an erection after surgery?

Q: My boyfriend had a surgery for hernia 2 months ago, he has not had an erection since the operation. Is it normal not to have an erection after a hernia operation or is this temporary? He has been told by another consultant that the internal stitches have not dissolved, the stitches have strangled the nerves carrying blood to the testicle. He was told that his consultant should have prescribed him with medication to dissolve the stitches after the operation. This new consultant has prescribed him with mediation to dissolve the stitches which are strangling the nerve. Could this have happened? Are there any such tablets to dissolve the stitches? Will this cause permanent damage?

A:It will be worthwhile discussing your boyfriend's post-operative erectile dysfunction status with the surgeon who operated on him. I think your surgeon is the best person to guide you through your present dilemma. There are medications that help/hasten the process of dissolving stitches. When we are physically ill, we usually lose interest and some ability to have sex. In addition to the damage to our bodies, we feel anxious and depressed about our health, and the loss of control over our bodies. We also suffer the loss of the benefits of sexual intimacy. This can develop a sense of isolation in the ill person. Even after recovery, people are often reluctant to resume their sexual life. Its too strenuous, too risky, they think. I might hurt myself. The wife is usually aware of her husband’s feelings and shares his fears which may lead to a decision to have less sex or none at all. Most of the time the fear is groundless, leading to performance anxiety or psychogenic impotence. The benefits of a healthy sex life can speed and even enhance recovery from many illnesses. The body is recharged by sex. Endorphins and Oxytocin that are produced in the body due to sexual activity contribute positively to well-being. After recovery from a physical illness, when the doctor gives the go ahead, the couple should consider resuming their sex life.


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