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Why is my husband’s platelet count varying?

Q: My 37 years old husband is suffering from secondary dengue. His fever settles down on the fifth day. He had no other complications but rashes, which also settled down within two days. He took Calpol 500. His platelet count on the 5th day was 153000, on the 8th day was 140000, on the 9th day was 18000, on 10th day it was 160000 and on 11th it was 158000. The doctor advised to take rest and intake fluid. But I am very worried about his platelet count. Why are my husband’s platelet count varying?

A:Dengue is a viral illness where there is no specific treatment. It is only symptomatic treatment like paracetamol, antacids and anti allergic for rash.Drugs like aspirin and ibrufen are avoided to reduce bleeding tendency. In case of normal persons also the platelet value varies everyday as our body keeps forming and destroying platelets constantly as a routine. In case of dengue patients, platelet transfusion is required only if there is any bleeding or platelet counts are as low as 20000. Otherwise, platelets drop for a few days after fever has settled and then spontaneously recover. In your case, the values are not alarming at all and nothing more is required.


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