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Why is my grandmother forgetting things?

Q: My 79 years old diabetic grandmother suddenly started behaving strangely. She has started forgetting things . So, the doctor prescribed Quitipin, Donep and Larpose. She is unable to control her diet; even when we restrict her, she eats things when others are busy at work. Recently, her sugar level rose and she fainted so we took her to hospital where she was admitted for a night. We left her there under the care of a nurse. The next morning when she recovered she started hitting the nurse. Though she forgets things, she does not forget things like jewels given to others. Please advise.

A:Your grandmother may be having Dementia or Organic Brain Syndrome. She may be having bouts of acute confusion over chronic cognitive impairment. Ideally you should see a psychogeriatrician. I am not sure if we have any in Chennai. Good fluid intakes, balanced diet, good control of diabetes are vital. She would benefit with light exercise and lots of stimulations. In such cases short term memory is impaired first, so she may be able to remember what she did years ago. Sensory deprivation may make her confusion worse, so she may get worse in the evening and at night. Read about Alzheimer’s and Vascular Dementia from the wikipedia and Royal college of Psychiatrist, UK's website. It will give you a good understanding of the condition and also will give you some tips of handling such people.


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