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Why is my daughter's breast development delayed?

Q: My daughter is 15 years old, thin built and good height. But my worry is that there is no sign and symptom of breast development like other girls of her age. Can you suggest me some exercises that will help her? We have consulted doctors and they all advised that we need not panic.

A:Most of the girls start having breast development by age of 9-11 years and start menstruating by 12-14 years. Isolated delayed breast development is rare, it usually occurs as a part of delayed sexual development (puberty) meaning delay in pubic hair and menarche (onset of menstrual cycle). If your daughter has significant pubic hair (hair in the genital area) and has already attained menarche then there is no need for worry but if not so, then there is a case for investigations. My suggestion is that please consult an endocrinologist who can assess your daughters sexual development and advise accordingly.


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