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Why is my baby underweight?

Q: I have a 12.5 month old daughter. She was born 3.28 kg and weighs 8.75 kg now. We feel that she has not gained as much as she could have. Her intake is rampant, and on most days next to nothing. She has an iron deficiency which we are trying to cover by using iron drops(8) 3 times a day. She is on breast milk (5 times a day), but I don't think she gets enough from me. We have tried giving her formula milk from the bottle but she cries at the sight of it(there were days when she took it without a fuss). I am really concerned about her and wonder why she doesn't she eat for the last 3-4 months. The doctor has no definitive advice on what can be done. What could be the reason and should it be treated?

A:At this age she needs less of milk and more of semisolids and cereals. You should try to correct her iron deficiency by supplementing adequate dose of iron syrup and iron rich diet. I am sure with these measures the child should improve. However, if the iron deficiency persists we should investigate for malabsorption.


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